These Affordable Upgrades Keep Energy Costs Down

During the dog days of summer and the wrath of the winter months, our home’s energy usage is often at max capacity. A cool home in the summer and cozy indoor temps while ice is forming outside may be essential to comfort, but it can be costly, too.  

Getting a contractor to revamp your home to a more energy-efficient model can be an expensive challenge — so much so that some people skip it altogether. But that’s also not your only option. Take these steps for major savings. 

Insulate Drafty Areas

Many locations around the home might not be as airtight as they could be. Small gaps around windows and doors can let drafts seep in. The problem may not seem too important right now, but it can have a major impact on your utility bills. According to John Moore, around one-third of a homeowner’s energy bill is the result of lost energy. 

Apply weatherstripping to these areas and caulk in awkward gaps. This can help keep energy bills in check all year round. 

Do an Appliance Checkup

What do appliances have to do with the winter and summer months? They have to work extra hard to meet the demand on the temperature and the home’s electrical system. If new, energy-efficient models aren’t in your budget, it’s okay. 

Be sure their electrical circuit components are clean and dust-free. Replace worn-out parts, if necessary, on stoves and dishwashers. A little elbow grease will boost their efficiency and help them draw less power. 

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This option is a great way to conserve energy, especially if you’re gone every day. You can program your thermostat to lower temps during the day and while you’re asleep at night. Installing a smart thermostat alongside a smart home system can give you more control over other electronics in the house too. Adjust lighting remotely and get alerts when temps change or when a flood or fire has occurred.  

Replace an Outdated HVAC Unit

While a new furnace or central air conditioning unit can run thousands of dollars, it leads to tremendous cost savings on utility bills during the summer and winter. says a new energy-savvy model could save you between 20% and 40% year-round on utility bills. Depending on your chosen model, you can find affordable options with manufacturer rebates and federal tax credits and save even more. 

It doesn’t take tearing out your walls or remodeling your home to get an energy-efficient space. There are small upgrades you can do to make sure your home remains better protected throughout the year. Why not take a walk through your house to see what areas could use a little help? Over time, you could see your small improvements make a huge difference.