Meet Your Career’s Worst Enemy

You’ve got some massive plans for the future, and you’ve been applying for awesome promotions and jobs for a while. But, for some reason, it never quite seems to work out. What gives!? Does someone have it out for you? Truthfully, your career’s worst enemy is a whole lot closer to home — it’s your own self-sabotage. Here’s how to beat your own brain at that negative game. 

A Touch of Perfectionism

Afraid to climb the corporate ladder at work? What could be holding you back? A degree? You have that. Experience? You’re more than qualified. So what is it? 

You might have internalized a level of expectation or perfectionism that is simply out of your reach (at least right now).  This could be the one issue holding you back. 

Internalizing that you need to be better may be a form of imposter syndrome or a simple and extreme self-doubt of your skills and talents. All those important things you want to do ultimately remain on the back burner when this happens. You’re just too busy trying to figure out why you’re needed and whether you’re good enough.

This issue can eventually morph into a problem serious enough to necessitate therapy for some. So, don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you can’t stop questioning your own abilities. A neutral third party can help you manage these sabotaging thought patterns. 

Stop Negative Talk

Are you finding yourself enthralled in negative self-talk and criticism? This saboteur can affect you so negatively that it might hold you back from reaching your career goals. That’s what happens when you psych yourself out constantly; you stop believing you’re capable of greatness at all. 

Start by replacing negative talk with positive talk. Practice daily affirmations that reinforce how successful and smart you are. Examples include “I am worthy of a job promotion” and “I deserve success in my career.” Reinforce a mantra of positivity rather than negativity. 

Oh, and if you feel silly doing it? That’s proof you should stick to the plan. It can be a subtle sign you’re suffering from self-confidence issues. Otherwise, your brain would simply agree with your mantra statements!

Too Much Procrastination

There have been some pretty awesome job openings recently that you would more than qualify for. The pay is higher, and the benefits are extremely generous. You have it on your to-do list, but you keep pushing it back, and the positions get filled. What gives?

Procrastination is incredibly powerful and can stem from a long list of different issues ranging from fear of success to outright exhaustion. You use every excuse in the book, from not getting your resume updated, thinking you’ll do it tomorrow. The problem is that tomorrow becomes next week, which becomes next month… you get the picture. 

Stop letting opportunities pass you by; take the initiative right here, right now. If you’re struggling with motivation, break tasks down into easy-to-accomplish segments. Then, tackle them one at a time. 

Afraid of Success?

Deep down, are you willing to accept the abundance of success that you deserve? Being the CEO, team leader, or head project manager are all big jobs for VIPs. You are more than capable of landing those jobs and succeeding, flourishing, and prospering in those roles. YOU have to become your biggest fan, cheering yourself on.

You deserve to be successful. Keep telling yourself that. When your brain pushes back and tells you it isn’t true, push back harder. Think of the advice you’d give to a friend who you truly care about — and then apply it to yourself, too. 

Now is the time to set aside all doubt and self-sabotage and put your best foot forward. You are capable and worthy of the very best in life. All you have to do is instill the confidence to reach out and grab it. Start now. Before you know it, all of your career goals will come to fruition. You are worth it!