Jobs That Pay BIG Without A Degree

Without a degree

Not all high-paying jobs require a degree. In fact, there are hundreds of jobs available for those with no higher than a high school diploma or GED! While some careers require training and practice prior to going hands-on in a job, it’s still possible to succeed without a degree.

With student loan debt rates climbing, many are wondering if the degree is even worth it. This is bringing a number of people to explore other avenues of employment that can pay the bills.

What if there was a job that could pay a higher salary without a degree?

There are many options in various fields to consider if you’re wanting to skip over paying the costly college expenses. Check out these job opportunities with salaries anywhere between $50-$100k!

Jobs That Make Over $100k A Year

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has laid out lists of average annual job earnings each year. While some of these jobs may require more time and energy, the salaries are worth it. Take a look at these jobs that pay big without a degree…

  • Air Traffic Controller 

Average Annual Salary: $129,750

Air traffic controllers are in charge of ensuring the safety and functionality of aircraft carriers. They work in control towers, control facilities, and route centers at the airport.

The highest level of education needed to pursue this job is a high school diploma. Before being hired, participants must undergo FAA training programs and pass administered tests. 

Being an air traffic controller also comes with job safety and various job benefits. These benefits include paid days off, health insurance, and 401k retirement plans. 

If you work well in at times stressful environments and you’re able to make decisions quickly, this job is for you!

  • Web Developers

Average Annual Salary: $107,000

Web developers help create, maintain, and organize websites for companies. They oversee web content, design, and overall layout.

There’s no college degree necessary to take on this job, but being tech-savvy is a must. You need to have some understanding of coding and navigating technology in order to succeed. 

You can choose to be self-employed or to join a company specializing in web development, and the hours are typically very flexible. It’s great option if you have a busy schedule with other outside commitments!

There are some big benefits to choosing this job beyond the six-figure salary. These benefits include flexible work hours and the ability to work remote.

  • Construction Site Manager

Average Annual Salary: $103,000

Construction site managers plan and organize, direct, and oversee the work of employees. 

Their main responsibility is to make sure all safety policies and guidelines are being followed, ensuring the safety of both their employees and themselves.

This job doesn’t require a college degree, however, experience is needed for candidates. Working as a construction worker first will help increase your chances of moving up to this job.

The benefits of this job are more limited, but if you’re needing to provide for yourself and a family this job pays big!

Jobs That Make Over $50k A Year

If none of those job options were appealing to you, there are plenty of other options that will still pay big without a degree.

  • Real Estate Agent

Average annual salary: $51,220

Are you a people person and great at selling? Real estate may be a great career field for you to invest your time in!

Real estate agents help connect buyers sellers of home properties. They also assist in other commercial building properties and forms of land. 

This job can be done while self-employed or under a real estate broker. You can set your own hours, but may have to make exceptions to meet client demands.

In order to go into real estate, all you need to do is earn a real estate license through taking and passing an online exam. The mini course is free and not difficult to complete.

  • Retail Sales Manager

Average annual salary: $51,000

Retail stores you love wouldn’t be able to exist and function without the sales manager that runs the store. As a retail sales manager, you are responsible for setting the example of a good leader and example to their employees of a good employee. 

Retail sales managers have a strong understanding of company policies and oversee big merchandise orders. In addition, they hire new employees and complete other organizational tasks.

Some qualities needed for this job include strong leadership abilities, communication, administrative skills, and organizational skills.

This is a full time job that requires a lot of in-person hours. However, some benefits include paid time off, health insurance, retirement plans, and schedule flexibility. 

  • Police and Detective Supervisor

Average annual salary: $91,090

This career field surprisingly does not require a college degree and the salary is close to six figures! First-line supervisors oversee all police officers and detectives of the department.

As a supervisor, your responsibilities include training and managing officers and detectives in their jobs and directing squad members of criminal cases.

You do need a couple years of experience before being eligible for this position. While the job comes with risks and dangers, your reward brings an almost six-figure salary job!

As long as you pass the police academy and spend some time as an officer first, your chances of becoming a supervisor will be high.

Do You Need a Degree For Your Job?

When you look at the statistics of success rates for college graduates in their jobs, college seems more like a necessity than a choice. 

These jobs are proof that going to college is truly up to you. You do not need a college degree in order to pursue a reliable, high-paying job.

While some jobs options require experience and training, your wallet might thank you for skipping out on college expenses.

If you choose to not go to college, don’t panic. Do your research on these jobs, and find one that plays to your strengths and interests. Then, you can watch your earnings grow more than ever!