Garage Conversion Projects

There is always a need for just one more room in your home. There are so many reasons to have extra space. Why not use the space you have that doesn’t require any changes to the outside of your home? Your garage is the perfect space for your hobby and so much more. Here are nine ideas for garage conversion projects.

1. Playroom

This is very popular, especially in the southern states. Turning your garage into a playroom is easy. Depending on the size of your garage, you can keep a space for your vehicle or park your vehicle outside and use the whole space for your playroom. Buy inexpensive playroom mats or puzzle-style exercise mats and put those down. Then place a carpet over the top of the mat for extra cushion.

You can paint the garage walls if you want and add decorative images or artwork. You could even have your children decorate the walls before putting the toys in the space. Add your toys and place them around the garage for the best functionality. If you desire for this space to have heating or cooling, you may want to add a cooling air conditioner box or an electric heater.

2. Kids Gymnastics and Sporting Room

As the kids age, you can turn your garage into a gymnasium. Using gymnastic mats and tumbling pads, you can create a really fun space for your growing kids. You can turn the wall into a rock climbing wall. You can add hanging bars or strength toys for the kids. What a great space to have to keep the kids outside but in the shade in the summer. Or in the winter, keeping them out of the house. Put a fridge out there and an easy way to store snacks, and you have a very desirable play area.

3. Laundry room

Converting your garage to a laundry room takes a little time, but it is worth it when you don’t have your laundry making noises in the house, and you gain an extra storage space or closet for your home. Think about the placement of your machines and if you would want some cabinetry as well. Check your garage for a water line and how you will hook up ventilation to the outside. If you have a water heater in your garage, you have a water hook up for a washing machine. For ventilation, you may have to run a vent through your walls to the outside. Make sure to get professional assistance so the angles are correct.

You can block off the area and make it a room or have the laundry machines alongside the garage wall. Make sure to have the concrete sealed if it isn’t already since porous concrete can absorb water. You also want to make sure you will have a place for drainage. If you feel like your garage gets too hot or cold, you can climate control it. Machines produce moisture, and to keep mold from growing; you want good airflow and climate control around the machine. This would be a great space where you can hang clothes, iron clothes, fold clothes, and prepare them to head back to their rooms.

4. Mudroom

A mudroom is a great space to organize backpacks, clothing for the weather, coats, shoes, and other extra items. Why not use your garage space for this and keep these items outside before you head into your home.  You can add a few walls if you want for this as well. Contact a contractor that knows how to put up walls and close in a small mudroom. Design this space for easy drop and go of shoes and backpacks. You can use cabinets to help with storing all of these items.

5. Dog wash or pen

Washing your dog inside your home, in your bathtub, or in your shower can turn into a watery mess. Why not create a space for your canine where the dog can walk right into the shower with a nice handheld shower and all dog bathing tools next to you. This space can be as large or as small as you would like. You can seal off the floor or even use a special bath for the space. Work with a contractor to ensure you have proper drainage, proper water hookup, and seal the shower area. You can also make this space into the dog’s area with a dog kennel, a dog bed, a blower, and more. If you wanted to add climate control, that would be a great idea if this is a space you or your dog plans to spend more time in.

6. Exercise room

Having your own space to exercise, relax, or do yoga is important in your life. Why not use the garage for this space. You can use a part of the garage for this, or you can park your car outside and use the whole garage. You can add exercise mats to the floor, you can buy machines for the room, and you could have as many additions as you want. Maybe you want a mirror or a television hookup or sink. You can even add a small fridge, so you have easy access to water and drinks as needed. If you want this climate controlled, you can add that as well.

7. Office

Now that working from home is so common, you can create your own space using the garage. Get this space climate controlled and enjoy creating your dream office. You can add shelving, a desk, a fridge, lighting, and more. Make sure you have enough electrical hookups and speak to an electrician about making all of the plugs you need. You will also want to check how your internet runs in the garage. You may need a signal booster to gain higher internet speeds.

8. Woodworking, Hobby Room, or Art Studio

If you have a more hands-on hobby or you like to do woodworking projects, the garage is a great place for that. You can add tables, place your equipment through the garage as needed, and add lighting as needed. You can open the garage doors in the nice weather and enjoy the weather while you work on your projects. If you aren’t doing a climate-controlled area, purchase a few space heaters for working in the garage. Add some soft rugs or pads under your feet for ultimate comfort and a nice desk.

The biggest thing to think about is where all of your electrical plugs will sit in this space if you have lots of equipment to the plugin. If you need this as an art room, you can add shelving on the walls and a large desk for drawing. What a great space to escape to and enjoy yourself!

9. Bedroom or Studio

Adding a bedroom or studio may be a more intensive conversion for the garage but worth it. It may be for an older child, an inlay, for guests, or a place you want to rent out. The first item to check off would be to call a contractor and have them go through with you creating walls, doing electrical, and adding climate control to the room. Once you have that completed, you can design the room as needed. This space can be as large or as small as you would like. You may need an extra door in the garage to leave this room, so the person isn’t always coming through your home, but that will be a personal choice. To consider it a bedroom, most states say it must have a window and a closet. Check with your local city rules on adding a room to your house.