Go To School For Free With These Scholarship Apps

Scholarship apps

Finding the funds needed to go to school is difficult. Between tuition, books, and additional class fees, university costs add up quickly. This is where scholarship apps become a necessity!

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While universities still award scholarships to students, there’s usually a balance left to pay.

 The only way around that is by receiving a full-ride scholarship, which is still pretty rare. 

 If you’ve been accepted into college but are short of funds to pay for it, there are other ways of attaining scholarships than through your university! There are apps specifically made to help students receive additional financial aid.

These scholarships range from $50-$50k, but even the smaller ones can give you the boost you need. Check out these online scholarship apps and pay off your college before your first day. 

  • Cappex

Each year, Cappex has over 11 billion dollars in available scholarships for students. These scholarships are available to any students pursuing a four-year university, community college, or a trade school.

The app is constantly updating its database with new scholarships, allowing you to access a wide-range of financial support for your college career.

Cappex also has a tool for helping students improve their college applications! They offer advice through several different avenues including college reviews, admissions, and overviews of majors.

  • CareerOneStop

CareerOneStop is a government-enforced app that works as a search engine. Ran by the Department of Labor, this website is one of the best well-known assistants to college students today.

While this app is primarily known for helping students find a career field, it also offers help in finding several scholarships. 

CareerOneStop features over 8,000 different scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid. You can filter these results by entering your major and degree level.

  • Chegg

Chegg is another search-engine based scholarship website. This scholarship app has you create an account, and from there you can filter through scholarships for the ones you especially need.

Chegg will help you find specific scholarships by your location, current GPA, and application type. There are several essay and application-only scholarships available to choose from.

In addition to its search feature, Chegg also offers tutoring and homework-assistant services. Help improve your academic skills for only $15.95 per month.

  • Niche

Niche is one of the more well-known websites, and has been known for its success for a reason! This app includes an easy and quick signup process, and the scholarships are endless.

They organize the scholarships for you so you don’t have to! Scholarships are placed into several different categories for you to choose from. These categories range anywhere from degree types, to “easy to apply” scholarships.

  • College Board’s BigFuture

College Board’s BigFuture is both a scholarship app and website. Partnering with over 6,000 programs, the scholarship opportunities are endless!

When creating an account, the more specific you are with your personal information and scholarship needs, the better the search results will be for you. There are scholarships for both academic achievement and for specific extracurricular activities. 

With this app being connected to the College Board website, it’s geared towards helping students earn the extra funds they need!

Get Free Tuition Money!

The secret to earning the extra funds you need for college is through these scholarship apps. However, going for the same scholarship as thousands of other students can make your chances a bit harder.

The key to gaining scholarship money is by applying for as many as you can. As a fisher, the more fishing poles you put out, the greater your chance of getting a fish is.

The same applies for scholarships. Apply for as many scholarships as you can to better your chances of getting one! Regardless of the amount of money the scholarship is for, any additional aid is a win. Search through these scholarship apps, and start applying today!