Go Ahead, Dual Major!

Dual majoring sounds slightly overwhelming at first, but it’s actually brilliant. Utilize your college years to build your knowledge and skill set. There are many reasons to dual major and a few drawbacks, especially when considering future careers.

Great dual majors to choose from leading to solid jobs:

  1. Foreign Language and Business

Knowing a language in the business world will be extremely beneficial. You are also more marketable to an employer with that additional major.

  1. Economics and Math/Political Science/Engineering

Employers value highly candidates with strong analytical skills in today’s increasingly data-driven and interconnected business world. This combination of mathematics, statistics, and economics knowledge makes these majors highly competitive in the job market.

  1. Business and Art

If you are an art major, knowing how business works would be extremely beneficial. If you are a business major, knowing how to visualize and be creative would help as well.

  1. Business and Psychology/Sociology

It’s not about how great a business is; it’s about the people in the business. Knowing how people think, what influences them, and studying how people function and why helps business. Not only within a business but for selling, making products, and communicating on a daily basis.

  1. Communication and business

Presenting, speaking in front of large groups, and explaining your thoughts concisely are all important skills to have in the business world. In the communication major, it’s good to know how the business you may work for works and more.

  1. Communication and marketing

A product not only needs to be marketed correctly, but it also may need to be talked about, explained, showcased, and more.

  1. Criminal justice and psychology

There are many careers in criminal justice, and studying how the mind works is very beneficial in this field.

  1. Economics
    a. Economics and business
    b. Economics and marketing
    c. Economics and mathematics
    d. Economics and statistics
    e. Economics and supply chain management

By definition, “Economics is the social science that studies how people interact with value; in particular, the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.” Economics focuses on the behavior and interactions of economic agents and how economies work.” Combining economics with business, marketing, mathematics, statistics, or supply chain management will teach you many different aspects of how and why people consume certain goods and services. The exponential benefit of adding economics to a degree is strong. This makes you a great candidate because you understand different parts of the business, but your knowledge in each subject will help you in your future career.

Why dual major?

You are already in college for an education, and this is the best time to focus on your intellectual abilities. Studying two subjects can help you look at things from different angles and give you more experience than other students. When graduating, you will be more marketable and able to make a better decision when deciding what you want to do in life. It will also show employers that you have a strong work ethic and experience in two different fields. You will also have better connections because of the everyday networking opportunities with two different sets of professors.

Why not dual major?

College is not always easy, and figuring out what you want to do in life can feel daunting. Focusing on not just one but two majors can be overwhelming and sometimes time-consuming. Finals will line up around the same time, and you may be studying two-fold for those tests. You may also need more time before graduating to fulfill all the course credits putting you in college longer, meaning more money spent. You may also spend more time studying and less time enjoying your college life. You can always minor instead of dual majoring, which would cut the course load in half.