5 Job-Hunting Apps To Help You Find Work Now

You’ve left your old place of work, and you know that it’s time for you to venture into something new. But how do you start the long process of job-hunting and successfully find a choice that best suits your career path?If you’re looking to take a step in a new direction of employment, check out these 5 apps that can help you find a job now.

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor helps you search for a job that best fits your schedule, location, and specialized skillset. Using this app, you can also compare salaries between different jobs that you’re interested in. There are also millions of company reviews available for you to read to get a better idea of who you’re looking to work for.

2. LinkedIn

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential for any professional on the hunt for their next gig. It allows you to search for jobs, build your network, and even learn new skills that make you more employable. You also have the ability to control the publicity of your profile so that you get contacted by the people you want to work with most.

3. Monster

Monster helps to assess your resume so that you can be more effective as you search for new work. This app will even score how well you match different opportunities so that you can apply for the jobs that you’re most qualified for. When you find a job profile that matches you well, all it takes to start the application process is a simple swipe right.

4. CareerBuilder

Sometimes, applying for a new line of work is merely a numbers game, You might apply to ten different places before getting one interview offer. CareerBuilder is a convenient way to make this process a whole lot easier. With their Quick Apply feature, you can send out your resume to several different potential employers in just a few seconds.

5. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is the #1 ranked job search app for people seeking new employment. With this app, you can submit applications with a single click. As you progress through the job searching process, you can receive notifications for updates on your application status and interview offers.