What Does Your Bedroom Say About Your Personality?

bedroom personality

Your living space is a major reflection of who you are as a person. You fill your room with things that you love and provide that feeling of hominess. Is there a particular message that your bedroom tells others about your personality?

Find out what your bedroom aesthetic says about your personality by watching this video!

Identity Claim

How do you want other people to view you? The items you choose to decorate your bedroom with serve as an “identity claim,” a way of communicating your identity to the people that enter your space. 

Your favorite book that you put on display, your movie posters on your wall, the instruments that you keep in plain sight- all of these objects claim something about who you are. Decorating is an intentional way of nonverbally communicating your personality. 

Behavioral Residue

The unintentional habits that affect your living space are considered to be behavioral residue. For instance, maybe you leave laundry all over your floor, or maybe you throw random objects in your closet until it starts to create clutter.

Whatever your habits are, they’re a reflection of your everyday behavior. It’s common to try to clean these things up before you have guests in your room because you don’t want them to see that part of your personality. 


Everyone has objects in their bedroom that help them regulate their thoughts and emotions. This could be something as simple as a candle with a relaxing scent or a diffuser with your favorite essential oils. Regulators could also be sentimental items that keep your mind on track. Some people have pictures of loved ones that they like to look back on or motivational quotes that help regulate their thinking.

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