The Best Apps for Making Cash From Your Phone

There are countless money-making apps available, and each one of them offers something different. Many of them aren’t legitimate and some of them are straight up scams, which makes it difficult to tell which apps are legit and worth your time. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best cash-earning apps that will turn your smartphone into another source of income.

Quick Read:
We recommend that you download a variety of money-making apps to keep things fresh and fun. Downloading and rating apps, taking surveys and playing mini-games are some of most common ways to earn a little extra side cash. Using our compilation of money apps will help you pay the bills or cover for your next grocery run.

Turn Free Time into Money-making Time with These Awesome Apps


Interested in reviewing apps you’ve never tried before? Get paid for it through BestReviewApp. You’ll earn $0.50 for each free app reviewed and $1, plus 100 percent reimbursement, for paid apps. You can uninstall the app once you’ve reviewed it to prevent your phone from getting cluttered.

Survey On the Go

Make some cash by filling out easy and fun surveys with this app. You’ll fill out a demographic survey that pays $0.50. Then, the app recommends surveys based on your interests. All you need is a PayPal account to get started.


Make money from the screen real estate on your lock screen with Adme. Open some ads on your lock screen and get paid for simply unlocking your phone. Adme also has a really cool social media integration feature so you can link it to your Reddit account and make money while browsing!

The catch: Adme uses quite a bit of data, so you should make sure you’re on wifi. Or, at least have a large data plan.

Mobile Performance Meter

Remember the guy from the Verizon commercials asking “Can you hear me now?” Cellular companies pay people to test their service quality. Now you can get paid without needing to call anyone with Mobile Performance Meter. Install the app and let it run in the background while it collects non-personal information to make some easy cash.


Get paid through Amazon, PayPal, or Google Play by downloading and running apps with Boomgift. You only need to run them once for a short time to earn some cash. Feel free to uninstall the apps when you’re done.


Whaff pays you do to a little bit of everything. Do some surveys to kill time and download apps to get paid. You can also download “premium apps” to earn bonus money for keeping them on your phone for a few days.


FeaturePoints is another app-downloading program that you can cash out through PayPal or gift cards with. Download a few apps and run them for a couple of minutes to earn points. Using multiple apps that are similar in nature will prevent you from running out of work, and you might even get paid multiple times for the same task!


SlideJoy displays ads on your lock screen and pays you for viewing them. It also links with top news stories that interest you, so you’re not forced to always click on content you’re not interested in. Don’t worry about accidentally clicking on ads, either. They’ve made it easy to slide ads away without inadvertently opening them.


With Swagbucks, surveys, video ads, coupons, and cash back shopping opportunities are at your fingertips. Do a little bit of everything with this app and potentially save money on your next shopping trip. They pay through PayPal and gift cards.


Vestly is a mini-game based that simulates stock trading. There’s no cash investment on your part, so feel free to experiment with different trading strategies and climb to the top of the leaderboards. You can win cash prizes at the end of each month when the rankings reset.

Making cash from your phone is easy and fun. Downloading merely a handful of apps from this list will provide you with an ample amount of cash-earning opportunities. Turn your idle time into money-making time today!