Is Your Boss’s Astrological Sign a Problem?

Have you always clashed with your boss? If you know your boss’s birthdate, you have probably considered that your astrological signs may be making the problem worse. Although it’s important not to borrow trouble. Just because your signs are prone to incompatibility doesn’t mean you won’t get along!

We understand how important a good relationship with your boss is. If you want to get a raise, or get promoted, or just generally have a smooth work life, good communication with management is key. But just the fact that you want to make sure you and your boss have a good relationship is a good sign that you’ll be able to work things out.

But if you are already having problems getting along with your boss, and finding out their sign only makes it more obvious why you haven’t hit it off, what can you do?

1 – Don’t panic

Every person and every interaction is unique. There’s no reason to think that your relationship with your boss can’t be improved. Try to stay positive. Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini—we’re looking at you! Every interaction is a new opportunity for you to learn and grow, and a problem relationship is no different. Think of your relationship with your boss as a challenge you’re ready to tackle.

2 – Gather all the facts

Don’t just focus on your astrological signs. Talk to coworkers, and pay attention to what people are saying around the water cooler and in the break room. Do other people have problems with your boss too? What strategies are others using to navigate them? Or, if someone in your office gets along really well with your boss, what do you think the key to their relationship is? Pay attention to what generally works for other people when it comes to good inter-office communication with your boss.

While we sometimes use our signs as shorthand to understand one another, each person on the planet is utterly unique and their exact quirks can only be learned by getting to know more about them as an individual. Consider yourself to be on a fact finding mission when it comes to your boss. Try to figure out what makes them tick.

3 – Use what you’ve learned

Now, take what you know about your boss’s sign and take the information you’ve gathered through observation and see if there is a way you can adjust the way you interact with your boss to make for more tranquil interactions. If you’re a water sign and your boss is a fire sign, focus on the ways you can complement their strengths and weaknesses rather than making them worse.

Beyond their sign, it’s important to try to work with a person’s particular communication style. If you don’t communicate well face-to-face, maybe doing the bulk of your interactions through email would help? Or vice versa? Think of yourself as a problem solver who has done all the research and now just needs to take that knowledge and use it to build a solution. We know you can make it work!