10 Easy-to-Access Scholarships That Pay Big

To say that college is expensive might be an understatement; the costs can be crippling. With tuition rates on the rise, many students are looking at federal and even private student loans to fund the cost of their education. While this can make education more attainable to many, there are a variety of scholarships available, and many are easier to access than you think. 

The following college scholarships either require a very short essay (under 250 words) or no essay at all. They’re up for grabs to eligible students — requirements vary — and it can’t hurt to apply to lessen the need to rely on student loans. 


GetSchooled offers a monthly $1,000 scholarship to students ages 17-24 who are enrolled in or planning to enroll in an accredited program next fall. The application deadline is December 31, 2021, and there’s no essay required. See their website for the full criteria and to apply. 


CourseHero is rewarding excellent notetakers with a $4,000 scholarship. This award is for college students ages 18 and older who are legal residents and enrolled in a United States college (with the exception of Rhode Island residents). Taking great notes in class just might pay off! Every time you upload 10 study documents for other students, you get one entry into the scholarship sweepstakes. 


Student Loan Hero by Lending Tree offers a $1,000 giveaway each month. No purchase or essay is necessary. Anyone can enter, but participants can only win one time. The award is issued as an American Express gift card. 


ScholarshipPoints awards 3 monthly $1,000 scholarships every year in addition to one $10,000 scholarship every quarter for members who are: at least 13 years old on the date of entry, legal residents of the United States, and attending or planning to attend a United States college or university. For official rules and to enter, visit their website.

Unigo Monthly

Unigo offers several scholarship opportunities, one of which is a monthly award. There’s also a Flavor of the Month scholarship competition for $1,500. July’s topic, due by July 31st, is to share what kind of ice cream you would be and why — in 250 words or less. This ongoing monthly competition could net you easy scholarship money for wordsmiths.

Unigo $10,000 Scholarship

Unigo also offers a $10,000 grand prize scholarship. The application for the $10,000 scholarship is due by the end of the year. In 250 words or less, applicants need to write an essay on the following topic: “2020 was a year to be remembered. What will you remember most about 2020, and why is it important to you?” The deadline is December 31, 2021. 

Because College Is Expensive

Unigo additionally offers a scholarship called Because College is Expensive. This application has a September 30, 2021 deadline. There are 12 $500 awards issued annually. All it takes is filling out an application form (and keeping your fingers crossed). This is open to students who plan to enter a degree program within the next two years.  


Niche gives away $2,000 in college scholarships every month. There’s no essay required; all you have to do is apply. If that sounds too easy, the fine print specifies that it’s open to high school and college students who plan to enroll in either high school or college in the next 12 months. There are some stipulations about age, with minors needing a legal guardian’s consent and supervision to enter. Visit their website for the full list of rules. 


Nitro is another company offering a scholarship sweepstake. Simply register online before December 31, 2021, to enter to win $2,000 toward a college education. No essay or other test scores are required.

eStudent Loan

eStudentLoan offers a $1,000 scholarship to students for writing an essay about financial literacy in 250 words or less. The winner will receive $1,000 toward college. The essays will be judged equally on writing ability, creativity, originality, and overall excellence. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2022.

Consider the possibility of financing college through scholarship — or at least bringing down the cost — before you start taking out loans or picking up a second job. While it can be time-consuming to research scholarships and apply, that investment could save big when it comes to paying for your education. These 10 awards could get you started, but keep looking: easy scholarships are out there, and if they have to be awarded to someone, why shouldn’t that someone be YOU?