How To Cool Your Home In The Summer Heat When AC Isn’t An Option

Summertime can be rough on your AC unit, which is the worst time of the year for it to break down. The searing heat, compiling dirt, and age of the unit make it vulnerable to giving out when you need it most. 

Is there another way to cool your home without always relying on air conditioning? Here are 4 ways to cool your home over the summer when AC is no longer an option.

1. Window Films

A major source of heat in your home is your windows. In fact, windows are responsible for approximately 25-30% of the energy used by residential heating and cooling systems.

In order to prevent your windows from trapping heat in your home, try covering their surface with a sun control film. This tinted film has features that block dangerous UV radiation while still letting in the natural light that makes the room feel warm and inviting. 

Lowes: $49.98

2. Dehumidifier

If you live in a humid environment that gets hot and sticky, a dehumidifier will be your best friend. Humidity makes hot temperatures feel significantly more agonizing because it’s more difficult for your sweat to evaporate and naturally cool your body down.

Dehumidifiers remove the moisture from the air that makes the heat seem unbearable. If you combine a dehumidifier with a good fan, you’ve got a recipe for successfully cooling down your home.

Home Depot: $199.00

3. Evaporative Cooling Fan

For drier climates, it may be worthwhile to invest in an evaporative cooling fan. All you have to do is fill it with cold water, and it will release that water in a light mist over the fan. 

This helps to gradually reduce the temperature of the room rather than blowing around more hot air. If you live in a desert climate, these are especially useful in helping you fight the dryness that causes chapped lips and cracked knuckles in the summertime. 

Walmart: $125.99

4. Oscillating Fan

Ditch the stationary box fan and purchase an oscillating fan for any rooms in your house that are getting a little too toasty. These fans rotate from side to side rather than just blowing a stream of air in one direction.

The rotation of oscillating fans allows for a light breeze to spread throughout the room its’ placed in. It’s especially useful for bedrooms, as it provides a gentle white noise that’s perfect for falling asleep to.

Target: $49.99