3 Habits That Are Killing Your Relationships

Killing your relationships

No matter who they’re with, relationships have ups and downs. Every person has imperfections, and disagreements are inevitable. It’s easy for people to fall into bad habits that are unhealthy. With time, these habits lead to dysfunctions that are killing your relationships.

Relationships take communication, effort, or intentionality. Both parties must be willing to put in the work to sustain a healthy relationship. The more awareness you have of bad habits, the easier it is to work through and tackle them.

Take a look at these 3 common bad habits that are killing your relationships and how you can improve them!

1. Seeking Constant Reassurance

This is a common bad habit that will leave you and your family members, spouse, and friends drained. Continually asking questions like “Do you truly love me?” or “Do I look pretty?” reveals an unhealthy inner dialogue. This habit alone will hurt and kill the relationships within your life.

When you aren’t content with yourself, you will ask others to affirm those things to counter your own negative thoughts. This will begin to take a toll on your relationships and add unneeded pressure to the other parties within the relationship. It’s important to learn how to reframe and redirect your own negative thoughts to avoid depending on others to do it for you.

2. Complaining About Someone To Other People

While you may convince yourself that complaining about your partner helps you get your frustration out, it does more harm than good. Speaking poorly about your partner keeps your brain focused on the negative things, which will cause you to overlook the good.

In moments of frustration with a person, try to withhold talking about it to other people if your emotions would be doing the talking for you. You can get outside advice if you’re truly looking for a solution. This will lead to resolve in a much quicker and healthier way!

3. Holding Grudges

Strong emotions will come with any relationship, including ones of hurt and frustration. Your family, spouse, and friends will hurt you more than once. However, it is your choice whether or not you decide to hold onto those feelings or move forward.

Holding a grudge won’t repair your feelings. It will only keep them there and possibly intensify them. This leaves you more unhappy and discontent in the end. When you choose forgiveness, you are able to let yourself heal with time. 

Bad habits are a part of every person, and every person will let down a person they care about and are close to. However, how you choose to grow in those areas will reveal how much healthier your relationships with other people can be. 

These are just 3 common bad habits that every person has at one point struggled with. While these are habits found commonly within romantic relationships, they can also bleed into and affect ones with family members and friends.

 If reading more about these habits causes you to reflect, spend some time looking inward on yourself with honesty and humility. This is the only way that people can actively grow and better themselves. Stopping to reflect helps you to quit killing your relationships with unhealthy habits.