Rock Your Creative Spirit and Bring in the Cash With These Cool Paths

Rock Your Creative Spirit and Bring in the Cash With These Cool Paths
Rock Your Creative Spirit and Bring in the Cash With These Cool Paths

Joining the job market doesn’t have to mean giving up your passions. Quite the opposite, it can allow you to throw yourself more deeply into what you love. Pursuing a career in a creative field means doing what you love for the rest of your life and making money, all at the same time. If you’re artistic or just imaginative, you can rock your creative spirit and bring in the cash with these cool paths.

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Getting a job doesn’t mean abandoning your hobbies. We compiled a list of five careers that can expand on your creative side: graphic designer, music composer, technical writer, set designer, and architect. Dream on down into the post to find out which of your hobbies could lead to a fulfilling, creative career.

We’ve Compiled a List of 5 Jobs Branching from the Most Popular Creative Hobbies

Graphic Designer

For the visual artist, graphic design is a fast-growing market that allows people to combine art and technology to create visual concepts and communicate ideas. Graphic designers can work for a company or themselves, setting their own rates and hours if they decide to freelance. Designers will be able to pursue the art they love and make money.

Music Composer

Composers write and arrange music in a wide variety of styles. The job is very flexible, and can either be performed in an office, a recording studio, or at home. Composers have the opportunity to pursue whatever music they love, potentially even working with some of their favorite artists and bands.

Technical Writer

A passion for writing can take many forms in the job market. Writers can create ad copy, promotional materials, social media content, email marketing campaigns, and much more. A detailed knowledge of technical style and writing rules is necessary, and technical writers can work in an office or from home, giving themselves as much or as little freedom as they want.

Set Designer

Were you one of the theater kids? Set designers design and create the settings for filmed endeavors – television, commercials, movies, etc. This career is a blend of visual arts as well as performing arts, giving the set designer a lot of room to expand their passions and learn new skills.


More technical than the others but architects are creatives who don’t mind a little extra math. Architects plan and design structures, giving visual artists and those with an appreciation for beautiful buildings a place to run free. Architects are mostly office workers, though they can also visit construction sites and potentially help oversee construction itself.

You can follow your heart and still pay the bills with these creative careers. Best of all, you can get started as early as right now with an online degree. Start exploring your options and see what’s out there for you.