This Is What Your Home Decorating Style Says About You

Home decor is a major expression of your personality. It tells people what your priorities are, what you enjoy, and how you unwind.

Which of these popular home design styles best fits the way you decorate? Here’s what your home decor says about your personality. 


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Your idea of a relaxing afternoon is listening to Indie music at full blast while lighting your favorite candle. Life is all about satisfying the senses, and you have a deep appreciation for the simple pleasures in life. A major pastime of yours is taking care of your houseplants, and you love going to the plant nursery to see what new greenery you could learn to care for. 


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You’re a big-time extrovert, and you love hosting people in your home. Settling into your space is a priority of yours so that other people can feel cozy when they come in. Whenever you cook, you tend to accidentally make lots of leftovers that end up being passed along to the people you love. You like trying out new recipes and seeing what people like, and your friends get excited each time you decide to experiment in the kitchen. 


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You’re a very sentimental person. When something big happens in life, you like to keep tangible reminders of monumental moments. You’re the first person to take a video when everyone’s singing happy birthday and the first person to take a group picture during a party. People consider you to be the “mom friend” because you’re the one organizing events and outings between all of your friends. 


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You appreciate order and organization more than most. Your closet is color-coded, your fridge is full of acrylic containers, and your living room setup is Pinterest-worthy. That skill also helps out your friends, and you’re the first person to offer help when someone is trying to move in or reorganize their space. You feel most relaxed when there’s nothing out of place, and your attention to detail helps you create a put-together safe haven to relax in. 


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You’re the life of the party, and everyone knows it. When someone needs to get hyped up and feel confident, you’re the first person they call to get a little boost of self-assurance. You go about life looking to find beauty in the things around you, and that positive energy is contagious. No matter where you go, you like to make the space around you look a little more fabulous with fun decor and funky designs.