Sorry, We’ll Never Have Flying Cars

Many people hold fond memories of timeless TV classics like “Star Trek” and “The Jetsons.” They made us fantasize about the future and wonder if inventions like flying cars could really be a thing. Will Earth ever look that advanced?

While many futuristic ideas from the past did, in fact, come to fruition, others are a far grasp from reality. Take flying cars, for example. YouTuber Adam Something says they’ll simply never exist — and he explains why in this video: 

We have cars that float and drive on water and even some airplane-shaped cars that take off into the air, but they don’t actually fly in any real sense. Adam explains that to make flying cars a reality, current ideas would take some tweaking — and they likely wouldn’t actually work out, anyway.

One theory is that engineers could use magnetism to create flying automobiles. The biggest issue lies in the fact that magnetic force interferes with so many other earthly components; the infrastructure alone would be a mammoth undertaking. 

Flying cars could also become much more hazardous. The weight and awkwardness of a car is more likely to cause some serious damage if it lands in a residential area. From flaps to dangerous propellers — watch out, pedestrians!

Another issue Adam raises is the vehicles’ effects on mental health. Because a flying car couldn’t rise to the altitude of a commercial jet, engine noise could drive some people away from their peaceful lifestyles. People working and living near busy commute areas would likely feel the greatest impacts of all that noise. 

Flying cars sound like a cool concept, but only if they’re like the model George Jetson drives around. Maybe designers need to study the specs of his space car for some inspiration. Or, maybe we’re just not ready for them in the first place.