Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

Is your home ready for winter? If you’re already struggling to keep temperatures steady or fighting condensation on windows, the answer might not be so simple. Symptoms like these are a red flag that your home isn’t ready, which might make it more difficult to heat your home when cold temperatures strike. Follow this handy list to ensure you check off all the right boxes this fall. 

Get an HVAC Checkup

Set up an appointment to have your furnace checked thoroughly. The technician will do a full inspection, starting with basic components like the thermostat and air filter. He’ll also ensure the unit fires up properly and gains heat quickly. 

Anything that’s outdated or worn out will need replacing. At some point, you may even need a newer, more energy-efficient model. Don’t dismiss the idea of upgrading due to the associated costs. Newer systems often pay for themselves within a few years. 

Make Your Space Airtight

One of the biggest triggers for high electric or gas bills in the winter is your HVAC unit overcompensating because the air temperature is too cold. The furnace may be in good working order, but if windows, walls, and doors are drafty, cold air just blows right back in. 

The fix? Tighten up problem areas before winter hits. Install weatherstripping and caulk around windows and door jambs. New windows and doors also help, but if you can’t afford the expense, try budget-friendly insulated drapes or plastic window coverings instead.

Install Proper Insulation

Create a protective barrier within your home to keep cold air out, starting with proper insulation. You may already have this protective measure in your home; now is a good time to check on its integrity. It can wear down after a few years, settling and losing efficiency. Adding fresh blown-in or rolled insulation will improve protection, allowing your HVAC system to perform more effectively.  

Get a Smart Thermostat

Most people use thermostats for several years at the very minimum. While they might still work, even with updated furnaces, newer smart models offer extra perks. These programmable devices turn on and off at peak times or temperatures, which can help you save hundreds on utility bills year-round. 

It’s never too early or late to prepare for old man winter. He creeps up fast, so don’t get left out in the cold. Start prepping now by turning your house into a cozy, energy-efficient, safe place both you and your wallet can enjoy. Every step you take helps keep you warm, snug, and saving cash.