Try these Meditation Apps

Meditation and mindfulness breaks are an essential part of any wellness routine. The health benefits of meditation are well known, and often direct. Some of the places practitioners may see health benefits is in lower blood pressure and reduced incidence of heart disease. Regular meditation can also help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Practicing meditation has also been shown to help with concentration and attention span. You may even experience less insomnia thanks to regular meditation.

With all of these incredible physical and mental health benefits, you may think it’s time to start a meditation routine of your own. However, many beginners find meditation intimidating. It can be difficult to determine exactly what meditation is or how to do it. People often wonder if they’re doing it correctly. One way to dip your toe into the world of meditation is to use a meditation app that can help a beginner find their way to meaningful meditation breaks. Our list of meditation apps has something for everyone and every meditative style.

10% Happier

If you’re a total newbie to meditation, 10% Happier is a great app to start out with. It can help walk you through some of the concerns you may have and get you started with some very basic meditation and move you through to a higher level of comfort with meditation. One of the best aspects of this app is that it offers experts to help you answer questions and navigate your first steps into meditation.

Simple Habit

If you’re strapped for time, Simple Habit may be the right app to get you started on your meditation journey. If a quick meditation or mindfulness break is your idea of the perfect meditation routine, you’ll find Simple Habit tailors itself well to your tastes and needs with sessions designed for different times of day that you’re able to find a bit of time for yourself.


This is an app that caters to all levels of meditation practitioners with a comprehensive meditation philosophy. If you hope to make meditation a lifestyle, Headspace is an app that can grow with you. Follow the guided meditations for the prescribed time and you’ll find yourself enjoying a very carefully cultivated meditation experience. This is a great choice for anyone new to meditation who wants a clear session to follow.


Not all styles of meditation are for everyone, which is something this app seems to really understand. Calm has a lot of options to choose from so you can experiment with other forms of meditation to see what works best for them. Another thing Calm does well is offer different sessions for particular emotions you’re feeling or emotional states you find yourself in. For a beginner, Calm may be the smorgasbord that helps you shape your own personal meditation journey.