Choose Your Favorite RomCom and We’ll Tell You if You’re Fire, Water, Earth, or Air

What you love most can say a lot about you. And few things say more than the kinds of stories that move us. We know you have your favorite Romantic Comedies. And we bet that we can guess the element of your zodiac sign if you tell us which one is your favorite.

Clueless – You’re an Air sign.

You’ll deeply identify with Cher’s love of fashion and pop culture trends, and you’ll probably root for each of her romantic interests in turn, because just one would be boring, but we know it’s Cher’s deep connection with her closest family and friends that really speaks to your heart.

50 First Dates – You’re an Earth sign.

What earth sign wouldn’t connect deeply with Henry’s slow build courtship to earn Lucy’s love? You’ll understand the importance of building something from the ground up, even when the one you love can’t remember you from one day to the next, and you’ll appreciate seeing how it can pay off with a little help from your friends.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – You’re a Water sign.

You love unpacking an intricate disaster, water sign, so we know you love Lara Jean’s journey to sort through her crushes. We also know you’re dying over that fake dating storyline (we know!). And we also know you’ll understand how deeply romantic things accidentally get.

10 Things I Hate About You – You’re a Fire sign.

Yes, you’re going to identify in a very real way with the tempestuous but deep connection that Kat and Patrick can’t seem to resist. You’ll also love the stylistic way Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew was updated to work for this ragtag group of Seattle high schoolers. And if Kat and Patrick aren’t both fire signs, we don’t know which romcom hero and heroine are!

Crazy Rich Asians – You’re an Air sign.

Okay, air sign, we know you loved everything about this romcom love letter to Singapore’s dynamic cultural scene. We also know you’ll understand how Rachel and Nick are sent twisting in the wind by the family secrets and lies that swirl around to interfere with their great love.

The Big Sick – You’re an Earth sign.

Yes, earth sign, we know you love this romcom with its deep roots and its carefully woven comedy. Sometimes, like Kumail, you just don’t realize how much your love for someone has grown until you’re afraid you’ll lose them (and then you also have to deal with their neurotic parents). This is the kind of well grounded, up-and-down romance we know you live for.

Love & Basketball – You’re a Water sign.

There are so many layers to Monica and Quincy’s will-they-won’t-they relationship that you’ll be sorting through the pieces and the looks and the fights and the career ups and downs trying to figure out how it all works together so perfectly in the end. We know you love a love story with a great payoff, and this is one movie that delivers that winning shot.

You’ve Got Mail – You’re a Fire sign.

Ok, fire sign, we know you dig an enemies to lovers story, and this one is an absolute classic. Kathleen and Frank’s online relationship is in such sharp contrast to their real life relationship that the drama will put even your own personal wildest relationship ride to shame. Come for the great romance and just savor this love letter to New York, book stores, and Dave Chappelle’s hilarity.