The Must-Have Photo Editing Apps of 2020

We live in a visually oriented world. People are drawn to interesting images, and we often use pictures to communicate thoughts and ideas- especially on social media. But how do you edit your photos so that they look their best before posting?

Check out some of the most popular apps of this year that will help you to edit your pictures so that you can post at your best.

When it comes to finding the desired aesthetic of your social media profile, VSCO is the most useful app to help you figure out your posting style. You can save your favorite filters and editing features, customizing presets to make future editing even faster.

Some of the app’s features are accessible without payment, but full access to customization and premade filters come with a subscription of $19.99 a year.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express can help you transform your photos into whatever your imagination desires. You can crop elements, change the shape of objects, add new colors, and even move images within your picture.

You can begin the usage of this app with a free trial. There are several paid plans to choose from as well, with varying prices that serve everyone’s needs from the individual photoshopper to the graphic design student.


When you can’t decide which picture to use for your post, why not use them all? PicCollage allows you to put all of your favorite photos in one place, and use a little creativity to arrange them in unique ways.

You can choose between two different subscriptions. One costs $4.99 per month, and the other costs $35.99 annually.

Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox is perfect for the more artistic photographer. Because it has so many unique features for optimal, it requires a bit of skill and practice to navigate. The app also offers video tutorials so that users can make the most out of their experience.

In-app purchases are also available to gain access to new creative elements. Prices can range from $4.99 to $35.99 depending on the needs of your artistic skillset.


Sometimes all you need is a little bit retouching to elevate your favorite selfies to another level. Visage is best for smoothing out your skin, adding a bit of virtual makeup, whitening your teeth, and other cosmetic improvements.

Getting a flawless selfie isn’t expensive either! Pro subscriptions cost $4.99 a month, or $9.99 for the whole year.