Having a Bad Day? Remember These 3 Truths To Help You Bounce Back

Life isn’t always fair, and it’s rarely easy. Financial crises, family drama, work stresses, and health problems can ruin your day and cause emotional hurt. Some days it may even be difficult to muster up enough motivation to keep pressing on.

If you’re having a bad day and life is throwing a lot of hard things your way, here are a few simple truths to help encourage you in your journey.

1. Blessings Are Everywhere

When you’re feeling blue, it’s important to remember the good that exists all around you. You don’t have to ignore your frustrations or hurts, but don’t allow those things to override all of the beauty that you witness each day. If it’s hard for you to shift perspectives, write out a physical list of things you’re grateful for- provisions that you’re privileged to have, little moments that radiate goodness, people that shower you with love. Blessings are everywhere, and you don’t want to miss out on them by dedicating all of your attention to the bad things in life.

2. Don’t Wait For a Better Tomorrow

A hard day can leave you feeling a little bit hopeless. It’s okay to feel down, but don’t let yourself sulk for longer than you need to. It’s tempting to think that with the start of a new day, your problems will be much less difficult to face. But this can lead to compounding procrastination that prevents you from conquering your problems head-on. Don’t wait for tomorrow to be better in order to feel motivated enough to keep moving forward- move anyway.

3. You’re Stronger Than You Think

Human beings have an incredible capacity to bounce back. Even when we experience tragedy, we can learn valuable lessons from it and continue to carry on. After having a rough day, it’s easy to believe the lie that you don’t have what it takes to keep going. But you’re a lot stronger than you think! You are completely capable and utterly resilient. Carry yourself with confidence until your inner strength matches the strength that you embody on the outside.