Need a Raise? 3 Tips To Getting Better Pay

Everyone wants fair compensation for their work. But are you prepared to do what it takes to get better pay?

If you’re looking to earn a raise, follow these 3 essential tips to getting a bigger paycheck.

1. Observe

The first step to getting a raise is to observe what your boss is looking for. Take notes on the types of actions that they praise and the things that they correct most often. After observing these things, it’s important to reflect on how much you show these same behaviors in your own work life.

You can also look toward the people that are already in the positions that you want. Do they stay after hours to finish the day’s work? Do they take extra effort to encourage their coworkers when they do a good job? Whatever the case may be, you want to emulate the characteristics that are attractive to your boss.

2. Prove

Before you get a raise, you need to ensure that you’re proving your usefulness at work. If you have a reputation that is consistent, reliable, and responsible it’ll go a long way. In order to ask for more money, you need to have a history of being intentional about the little things.

One way to give you a headstart on proving your reliability is by asking your boss for feedback. Only your employer truly knows how you can better serve your place of work with your skill, dedication, and time. Plus, it will show your boss that you’re hungry to improve your capabilities.

3. Ask

So often people will psyche themself out from what they truly want because they’re afraid to speak up. Surveys show that about 37% of workers never even ask for a raise. What good is wanting something if you don’t do anything about it?

Set a time to meet up with your employer to show how much you want a raise. In this meeting, you can take time to reflect on your future at work and what you’ve done in the past to work towards that goal.