The Secret to Getting Promoted

Everyone wants to get promoted. There’s higher pay, bigger benefits, and a more prestigious title. But what do you need to do in order to level up at work?

Working for a promotion is a lot more attainable than you may think. Here are a few simple ways you can up your game at work so that you can advance in your career.

Be Consistent

Consistency build trust. If you always arrive early, always complete your work thoroughly, and always know what needs to be done your boss will soon realize that they can count on you. It’s important to represent responsibility well so that you can prove that you’re able to handle the role you’re given, and indicate your capability of handling greater leadership roles in the future.

Be Irreplaceable

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you need to make yourself indispensable in your workplace. Learn skills that your coworkers don’t have, even if it might not be your favorite thing to do. This way, if hiring ever gets tight and layoffs occur, you’ve already made yourself an asset to the company and have given yourself greater job security. You want to ensure that you’re bringing value to your job so that you are needed by your employer.

Be Inquisitive

Never be afraid to ask questions that will help you improve your work performance! If a certain task is taking you a significant amount of time, seek advice from coworkers that have found an efficient rhythm. When you notice that you are underperforming in a certain area, set a time to seek the guidance of higher-ups that have valuable experience to draw from. By asking questions and heeding advice, your boss will see that you have a desire to grow beyond your current position.

Be Collaborative

You need to be competitive in order to work toward a promotion, but you don’t need to be cutthroat. Your employer wants to know that you are trustworthy, and being a good team player will give you that rapport. Be proficient at supporting, encouraging, and communicating with your colleagues so that you can build your reputation as a peaceable employee who is pleasant to work with.

Be Engaged

Being engaged at your job is all about paying attention to small details and passionately executing your work. Committing things to memory and taking good notes at staff meetings are just a few ways to demonstrate your awareness. When you’re applying those things to your work, allow yourself to be enthusiastic about what you do. Passion is contagious, and your coworkers will be able to feed off of your energy. Employers notice and value this kind of engagement, as it’s a crucial component to a positive work environment.