Best Careers Available For Rural Living

Rural careers are a great fit for people who want big paychecks without living in the big city. You don’t need to confine yourself to a studio apartment downtown in order to find a stable job that suits your skillset. 

If you prefer a quieter lifestyle surrounded by nature, here are some of the great careers suited to rural living. 

Cattle Farmer

Raising livestock has plenty of potential for profit. However, having a cattle farm requires a lot of land and vegetation that you can easily access, depending on your living area. It’s also necessary to have a reliable large animal veterinarian nearby to help your cattle stay healthy and up to code. 

Beef farmers are typically responsible for a variety of tasks to take care of their livestock. These duties include cleaning facilities, providing space to graze, monitoring the herd’s health, artificially inseminating their cattle, and assisting in the birthing process of new calves. 

Average Annual Pay: $69,620


If you’re surrounded by nature, you’ve got it made as a photographer. All you need is a good eye, a reliable camera, and a consistent clientele. You can utilize your environment by photographing natural landscapes as well as taking people’s portraits in the great outdoors.

Do you feel limited to only photographing people that you know? You can always host pop-up photoshoot sessions in the gorgeous local scenery. Book as many people as you can to come visit you in that location with designated time slots, and you can make the most of your surroundings!

Average Annual Pay: $66,825

Fishing Guide

Tourists love beautiful bodies of water, but they don’t always have the skill necessary to navigate fishing in those waters. If you have close access to a lake or river, you can make a living as a fishing guide.

You can take tourists out on a boat, share your tips and tricks, and help them catch their own dinner. The gratification of helping people make those lifelong memories is both heartwarming and financially valuable.

Average Annual Pay: $39,334


No matter where you live, every community needs access to a talented florist. You can use your flower arrangement skills to help people celebrate exciting milestones and memorialize people that they miss.

You can even grow some of your own flora to create a signature look in your arrangements. If you want to make a real impression, try to sell at local farmer’s markets so that you can get to know more potential customers. 

Average Annual Pay: $52,403