Prepare for the Best Holiday Dinner

Being together with your family at the holidays is many times a tradition that brings back memories of childhood and time together. It also brings fabulous food to the dinner table. When you are preparing your dinner, you can add a few items to the list of delicious food that your company will enjoy.

Prime Rib

Families have different food at Christmas dinner; some have turkey, some have lamb, some have prime rib. Here is a delicious prime rib recipe that keeps the meat just perfect for all palates. There is also an Apple Cider Roast Turkey which gives the meat a sweet taste, a Tangy Honey Glazed Ham, or a tofu Turkey for those that don’t eat meat or want a substitute.

Parmesan Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts have made their way back to the dinner table since they started to get roasted and baked and not steamed. They are a favorite among guests, so make sure you cook extra. The parmesan in this recipe adds to the deliciousness of the Brussel sprouts.

Holiday Pudding

If you haven’t made pudding for the holidays, you should start now. Your guests will appreciate what this pudding offers and the history of eating pudding during the holidays.

Cranberry Relish

The table would not be complete without cranberries. The Cranberry relish in this video is just the right tang and sweetness.

Holiday Chicken Salad

The chicken salad is a great accompaniment to your main course for those who want a fun side.

Vegetarian Stuffing

Don’t let the name throw you; this vegetarian stuffing is for everyone. It is delicious and also pretty simple to make.

These are a few dishes to add to your holiday meals as you prepare to sit down with your friends and family.