Watch This Mind-Blowing Ghostbusters Projection Show

Some people pull out all the stops for Halloween, displaying frightening scarecrows and creating haunted houses in their yards to thrill passersby of all ages. Then, there are the people who simply refuse to be outdone during the spooky season. 

While onlookers may initially say, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” before watching this creep show, they’ll quickly hum a different tune after seeing this mind-blowing projection show for themselves:

If this house could take an award for the most artistic and scariest building on the block, this one would be a first-place contender. 

The fascinating technological marvel from California outfit Seasonal Projects pulls in favorite characters from the 80s cult-classic mega-hit “Ghostbusters.” But it contains far more than just your standard wacky inflatable arm-flailing ghost men.

Animatronic projections to create a bone-chilling backdrop. It starts off displaying the infamous Hook & Ladder Company 8, complete with fiery effects, dancing skeletons, talking pumpkins, and original characters like Dr. Peter Vankman from the movie. Even Slimer and the infamous Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man make an appearance. 

Another cool effect: the Ghostbuster mobile itself seemingly cruises down the street after answering an emergency ghost sighting call. It’s hard to believe the entire show is simply the result of carefully placed projections, frankly!

If you think you bring your “A” game to the neighborhood decorating contest, you may want to revisit your plan after you see this show from Seasonal Projections. It’s time to pull out all the stops and make your home the talk of the town, too!