This Degree Can Make You Useful In Almost Any Workplace

Whether you crave to be creative or you’re looking to work a traditional 9 to 5, there’s a degree that’s suitable for any career path – marketing.

Check if you Qualify

Every field of work is in need of a professional marketer. Social media accounts, public advertisements, networking, branding- these are crucial components to running any successful business.

These are just a few professional benefits you can enjoy if you choose to pursue a degree in marketing.

More Hirable Skills

Communication is key in the workplace, and a good communicator is essential to creating a healthy dynamic between coworkers. Administrative skills are also developed as a byproduct of a marketing degree, organizing and analyzing information to maximize the efficiency of the outreach of information.

In addition, marketing students are trained to be interpersonal. This allows for greater effectiveness in moments of negotiation and commercial influence- all of which make people with a marketing degree more hirable.

High Employment Rate

As a result of obtaining a plethora of hirable skills in marketing school, graduates with marketing degrees also enjoy a comparably high employment rate at 94.1%. This is extremely comforting in terms of job security, as it helps to ensure that if one job opportunity were to go awry there would be others available for the taking.

The job outlook for professional marketers is predicted to grow 6% between 2019-2029. This is a faster rate than average, showing the necessity and desirability of marketers. They are increasingly in high demand in the workforce.

Growing Salary

The average base pay of marketing managers is $65,834 a year. Considering the fact that the national average wage index is approximately 10,000 lower, this is an agreeable salary to begin a career after graduating with a marketing degree.

The pay only grows with higher education, a built reputation, and greater experience. These elements combined can eventually contribute to a 6-figure salary. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median annual salary of $135,900 for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers.