Should You Quit Your Job? 3 Signs It’s Time To Move On

Workplaces can be life-giving with the right boss and coworkers. But they can also be draining if you’re constantly faced with impossible obstacles every time you clock in.

When your job is not proving to be a good fit for you, you find yourself at a crossroads- do you stick around or do you try to find a better option?

Here are 3 signs that it’s time to leave your current job and move on to something new.

1. You’re constantly discouraged.

Do you feel beat down every time you come home from work? It’s hard to continually subject yourself to an environment that is discouraging to you. If you’re truly in a harmful environment, it may be best to leave and find a healthier space to devote your time and energy to.

However, you want to be careful to assess the true source of your discouragement. You might have some control over the negative things happening around you, but if the negativity extends past your sphere of influence it may be better to remove yourself from that toxic workplace.

2. You can’t progress anymore.

Are you wanting more leadership opportunities, but you’re struggling to find a position to grow into? It may be helpful to take your skillset to the next level by transitioning into a new work environment.

Every motivated person wants to climb the ladder of success. But every workplace has a ceiling of resources and networking that are available to employees. If you feel like there’s nowhere to grow, it would be good to consider other options. It’s more beneficial to you professionally if you’re in a position that can develop with you.

3. You have a growing side hustle.

You don’t always need a negative reason to quit your current job. You may have a few extra projects that fill up your spare time, like selling artwork or baking for events or posting tutorials on Youtube. With the right clientele and a bit of intentionality, your side job can grow into something big.

However, t’s not always a wise decision to jump headfirst into a side gig if it’s not sustainable to pursue that project on its own. Once the profits from your secondary hustle start to surpass what you make in your normal job, then you can start to consider quitting your 9-5 and turning your part-time hobby into a full-blown moneymaker.