Studying Apps Guaranteed To Improve Your Grades

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When it comes to studying, nothing is more important than having the right tools. Smartphones and tablets can be some of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal of learning. With so many convenient features and innovative ways to share content, it’s no wonder that technology is such a big part of modern-day learning.

A primary way that students use their technology to improve their school performance is through studying apps. There are countless apps out there, but which ones are the most useful for your coursework?

Here are some of the best studying apps that are guaranteed to help you boost your grades. 


Flashcards+ is perfect for memorizing key facts and concepts. You can create digital flashcards or use ones that are already available online. You won’t ever lose your cards since they’re stored on the app. 


Quizlet lets you create custom quizzes on any topic. You can also choose from a variety of study modes, including flashcards and multiple-choice questions. You can share your Quizlet content with other users so that your whole class can study together with the same information. 


Notability is perfect for taking notes and organizing them into digital notebooks. You can also add images, audio recordings, and handwritten notes. Leave your bulky paper notebooks at home and carry all of your notes at once with this easy-to-use app. 


Evernote is similar to Notability, but it offers even more features for note-taking and organization. You can also use it to store files, web pages, and more. Having constant access to all of your files lets you study without having to worry about forgetting important documents at home. 

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro helps you keep track of your class schedule, homework assignments, and grades. It even sends you notifications when assignments are due or exams are coming up. Proper planning is essential for better learning, and this app keeps you on the right track. 


RefME helps you cite your sources correctly in any style. You can also import references from websites, databases, and more. This is a great app for writing papers, especially research papers that require close attention to detail with their specific formatting. 


DropBox is an effective way to store all of your schoolwork without taking up all of the storage on your device. You can also share files with people who don’t have a Dropbox account. You can give access to anyone that needs it, making it a great way to share study resources.


Kindle is perfect for reading e-books on your smartphone or tablet. It offers a variety of annotation features, such as text highlighting and note-taking. If you don’t want to carry around all of your bulky textbooks, Kindle offers a great alternative that saves you space in your backpack. 

With the right tools, you can make your study time more efficient and effective. Try out some of these studying apps – they just might help you get that grade you’ve been working so hard for!

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