How To Verify Your Stimulus Check Status

On Saint Patrick’s Day, many Americans found themselves with a bit of extra luck when they checked their bank accounts. The third stimulus check since the beginning of the

COVID-19 pandemic was sent out on the 17th of March 2021, projected to reach over 90 million citizens.

If your stimulus check hasn’t come in by now, there’s no need to panic- it might still be in the process of being sent. You can verify the status of your stimulus check to see if it’s on the way!

Who are the checks for?

There are 3 categories of qualifications that need to be met in order to be eligible for a stimulus check. Your adjusted gross income must be under $75,000 as an individual, under $112,500 as the head of a household, or under $150,000 for couples filed jointly. All of these maximum income thresholds are based on the previous tax year.

How are stimulus payments accessed?

There are varying ways that you might be able to receive your stimulus check. For some recipients, the sum of money is deposited directly into their bank account. For others, it comes in the mail as a paper check or prepaid debit card.

When are the checks coming?

According to USA Today, the IRS has claimed that it will send out more stimulus payments weekly in order to continue reaching the millions of Americans that have been promised assistance. People have been encouraged to consistently check their mailbox and frequent to the IRS website linked below to see how long until their payment comes.

Where can you find your status?

The IRS has made an easy-to-use link that will direct you to your stimulus check status. The “Get My Payment” tab enables you to see when you should be expecting to receive your $1,400.

All that’s required to access your current status is your social security number, date of birth, street address, and ZIP code. You could also log into your IRS website account to see more detailed information about how you will be receiving your stimulus.