Do You Only Use 10% of Your Brain?

The History Behind the Myth

You’ve heard the idea that you only use about 10% of your brain. This means that about 90% of untapped potential is in that noggin of yours. Many people have believed this theory, but is it true? 

Well, it turns out that it’s a myth. 

Two-thirds of people still believe that this myth is true, even after a century of it being debunked! How in the world did this tightly-held idea become so popular? 

The History Behind the Myth

Many people pushed the idea that 90% of unreached space exists in each individual’s brain. They even claimed it was simply scientific fact. 

Swindlers pushed this idea so they could sell products that would allegedly “unlock” the other parts of the human brain. It became a significant scam that left loads of money in the pockets of con-men. 

For decades scientists lacked knowledge of the purpose and processes of the brain. This lack of understanding created the idea that the brain has abundant unused space. 

Scientists now understand that those areas do have vital functions that each person uses daily.

The Truth Behind It All

Although this theory is a myth, you cannot use your brain’s total capacity all at once. 

The brain uses a process called “sparse coding,” where multiple small areas of the brain signal simultaneously.​​ This allows you to use various specific brain functions without completely draining your energy. 

Your brain uses the least amount of energy to carry the most information. That is efficiency at its finest. 

Don’t let a silly myth make you think your brain isn’t working hard enough. The truth is that your brain has so much capacity that it doesn’t have enough energy to power it all at once!

The idea that you only use 10% of your brain is a made-up idea.

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