Are These Romantic Comedy Careers for You?

Who doesn’t love to unwind with a Romantic Comedy (or romcom) at the end of the workday? It’s nice to forget your worries and enjoy a fluffy story. But if you always find yourself envying the careers of your favorite Romantic Comedy heroines—or the jetsetting lifestyles always seem to have—then we’ve got the perfect list for you!

Here are some classic Romantic Comedy careers you can study for online:


This one is almost a cliche! Throw a rock at a romcom and you’ll probably find one with a journalist in it. Whether it’s softer journalism like Ashley Judd’s character from ‘Someone Like You’ who writes a love advice column, or characters like Meg Ryan’s Annie Reed who’s a slightly harder hitting newspaper reporter in ‘Sleepless in Seattle,’ there’s a journalist career track out there for you.

There are several bachelor’s degree programs available online, some from well known schools. Average pay for journalists is $43,490/year!


Talk about a classic romcom career choice! This one is another career with lots of different paths, whether you’re interested in teaching younger kids, older kids, or even working on those graduate degrees so you can teach at university level. Maybe you don’t want to be quite as much of a ‘Bad Teacher’ as Cameron Diaz’s Elizabeth Halsey, but there’s always a character like Tina Fey’s conflicted college admissions officer Portia Nathan who you could try to emulate instead. Whatever your choice, there are many online teaching bachelor’s and master’s degree courses available to you!

Social Worker

We all love a romcom leading lady with a heart, and social workers definitely fit the bill! Social work can take several different career paths, from working with kids to working with the elderly or people with disabilities or those experiencing homelessness. Jennifer Aniston’s Nina Borowski from ‘The Object of My Affection’ is a great example of a leading lady who’s also doing some good. Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees are available online for those looking to switch careers to the non-profit sector.


There’s always something a little romantic about the face-paced, client driven world of marketing and advertising. If you’ve ever wished you could work in advertising or marketing, you’ll probably identify with leading ladies like Kate Hudson’s Marley Corbett in A Little Bit of Heaven. The great new is that you can easily switch careers and study for bachelor’s degrees in communications, marketing, and advertising online.