10 Employable Skills Every Boss Is Looking For

employable skills

What makes your resume stand out from all the rest? How do you prove to your boss that you’re exactly the type of employee they want to keep and promote? These employable skills can be the difference between a bright future and job stagnation.

Check if you Qualify

Intentionally curating a wider set of employable skills will give you the extra edge you need for a better pay grade. Here are 10 skills that any employer would be happy to see in the people they hire. 

1. Dependability

If you need to complete a task at work, do you always follow through with what you said you would do? Being dependable is an essential skill you need to have as an employee. When a boss knows that they can rely on you through thick and thin, you’re more likely to have job security in the future. 

2. Good Communication

Quality communication is a major asset in the workplace. When you’re easy to talk to and relay information with, you become a key part of creating efficiency in your workplace. You also need to know how to ask the right questions to clarify so you don’t miss any details. 

3. Punctuality

There’s nothing that shows your character quite like punctuality. Having a good sense of timeliness shows that you are considerate of other people’s time. It’s also an indication of responsibility, telling those around you that you manage your priorities well. 

4. Work Ethic

You want to be known for the quality of work that you produce—having a unique drive to accomplish your daily goals and unparalleled motivation to take care of every detail. If your employer sees your work ethic in the little things, you’ll be sure to climb up the ladder more quickly. 

5. Certification

Any extra education you can get to perform better at your job will instantly give you a leg up. Find relevant certification courses that are manageable to complete in your free time. That way, you qualify for higher-paid positions in the future. 

6. Organization

A clean space indicates a clean mind. When a boss can see that you keep a tidy workspace, it shows that you value an orderly working method. People want to work with somebody who has their stuff in order, and organization plays a big role in portraying that. 

7. Leadership Experience

Do you have experience directing teams and delegating tasks? Having experience in leadership positions reflects greatly on your ability to manage things- from everyday to-dos to major crises. 

8. Interpersonal Skills

Teamwork is the only way to get everything done in any workspace. Having team-building skills include having the ability to compromise, share tasks, and mutually encourage your coworkers. Every employer wants to have a team player in their crew that helps build the chemistry and increase productivity between all of their employees.

9. Adaptability

How well can you handle change? It’s difficult to adjust to any new circumstances, which makes adaptability a rare and valuable trait to find in an employee. Learning the ropes quickly and responding to changing factors makes you extremely employable. 

10. Positive Attitude

When people complain about all of the problems within a workspace, it makes it very difficult to muster enough motivation to get everything done—keeping a positive attitude while working keeps the momentum alive. Be the person that smiles at your coworkers and makes an effort to see the bright side- it makes all the difference in your environment. 

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