Your Favorite Pastimes are Worth Bank. Here’s How to Make Them Lucrative

Your Favorite Pastimes are Worth Bank. Here's How to Make Them Lucrative
Your Favorite Pastimes are Worth Bank. Here's How to Make Them Lucrative

If you’ve been searching for the means to stretch your budget a little further, you need not look beyond some of your favorite pastimes. While not all hobbies can offer a financial payoff, the ones that do are great opportunities to spend your free time doing what you enjoy while making some cash. Jump into the post to get the scoop.

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Make extra money doing what you enjoy in your free time. Earn by selling your photographs to stock photo sites, selling your crafts on sites like Etsy, or bug testing, reviewing, or streaming video games. Get the full details by continuing to the full article.

Discover How You Can Turn Your Favorite Pastimes into Cash.

Sell Your Photos

If you love to take photographs, why not use some of them to generate a little extra income? Consider starting accounts with stock photo sites like Getty Images and ShutterStock. Depending on the site and whether you sell a photo exclusively through them, you can earn between 15 percent and 50 percent per photo.

You’ll need to make sure the images in your portfolio are high-quality, which means the photos you take on your phone won’t likely make the cut. If you have a good camera, however, and you take a lot of pictures, what have you got to lose?

Read Books for Review

Numerous review sites seek avid readers to keep up with high volumes of book review requests. If you enjoy reading in your spare time, book reviews might be a fun source of extra income for you. Try Any Subject, Kirkus Reviews, Online Book Club, Publisher’s Weekly, and the US Review.

Sell Your Crafts

Do you enjoy crafting, and have you ever considered selling your creations online? Many people are able to supplement their incomes the selling their crafts. Etsy charges a 20-cent listing fee per item—but that listing is good for up to four months, or until the item sells. Artfire is another good site, charging a small monthly fee in lieu of a listing charge or sales percentage, and Shop Handmade has zero fees.

Play Video Games

If you’re an avid gamer, why not make money while you play? Companies are looking for skilled players who can test play their games, participate in surveys and focus groups, and review new products. Depending on what you do, you can earn anywhere between $5 and $150 per hour of your spare time.

If you’re an exceptional player and have a fun personality, consider joining Twitch. This is a service that allows players numerous ways to make money just by streaming themselves playing their favorite games.

Hobbies can be enriching distractions from school, work, and other stressors—so why not also make yours a source of extra cash? You don’t have to turn your passion into a day job in order to benefit from it. Why not have fun, own your spare time, and pad your wallet in the process? Get started by starting your degree right now.