Taurus Horoscope

Feb 26, 2024… You could find yourself yearning to advance or climb whatever ladder in life you are on today, Taurus. Tedious tasks may seem like a necessary evil, but make no mistake — they are necessary. You could feel like the little stuff is so humdrum that it’s pulling you down. Are you wanting something more? This could be a wake up call that it’s time to climb. Those nitty gritty details? They are really the first rung on the ladder to get finished and out of the way of your next step up. Nail them; then, see what you want in your mind’s eye. Draw what you want into your life and get ready to rise.

Today’s Inspiration: Stand by your virtues, regardless of where those around you may stand. Your soul will guide you through the truth and you needn’t be afraid of an unpopular opinion when it comes from a place of love and kindness. If dark shadows seem to stretch across the land, that’s only because an immense light is just behind the horizon.