5 Ways to Make Your Gas Last Longer Between Gas Station Visits

gas last longer

Owning a car comes with the struggle of paying for ever-changing gas prices. The type of car you drive will also decide how often you’ll find yourself filling up on a weekly basis. 

Whether your car gets great gas mileage or the tank is quickly drained, there are ways to help your gas last longer. Here are a few ways to lighten up your weekly gas budget to reduce financial stress. 

1. Keep Up With Car Servicing 

The better you take care of your car, the better its performance. This includes gas mileage. Dirty oil, old worn tires, and other mechanical needs will affect the rate at which your car goes through gas. 

Keeping up with the several servicing responsibilities of your car will not only help your car last longer, but will also help you catch any small issues that could come up before they grow into bigger problems down the line.

2. Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is very important and will greatly impact the rate at which your car drains its gas. The lower the pressure, the harder your engine needs to work to move your car. 

Getting your tire pressure checked regularly is important, especially in-between seasons where the weather is changing. When the temperature drops or rises, the tires’ rubber is either stretched or tightened, this shift greatly affects the air pressure inside.

3. Sacrificing Air Conditioning When Possible

When it comes to the topic of air conditioning, ask yourself the questions of how often you’re using it and whether it’s necessary. Too often, people have their AC going without realizing it, and this is a big gas drain.

However, there are times of extreme weather conditions when air conditioning is indeed necessary. It was built into cars to relieve high heat and warm up freezing temperatures. However, if the weather outside is well-balanced, try creating the habit of rolling down your windows or sunroof instead.

4. Aggressive Driving

If you notice the times when your miles per gallon increase, it’s typically when you’re going at a consistent speed on the highway. This is because of the lack of quick speed changes. Your car uses less gas when it remains at speed for a long time without much engine power. 

On busy street roads, keep an eye on how quickly you’re breaking and how hard you press on the gas between lights. The more aggressive you drive, the faster you’ll lose gas. Driving consistently and smoothly will help keep your miles per gallon up and extend the longevity of your gas tank. 

5. Planning Your Route Ahead of Time 

It would be an understatement to say that being organized will benefit you in every aspect of your life. Whether cross-country or simply to work, planning ahead of whatever trip you’re taking will affect how much gas you use.

Knowing traffic habits within your city and which route to take before driving better prepares you to save both time and money on gas. Now there are things you can’t control on your routes, such as traffic, car accidents, and weather conditions. However, planning for what you can control and managing your time well will better conserve more gas than if you weren’t.

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