Crazy New Concept Cars

Concept cars or prototypes are vehicles designed to get a reaction. Sometimes they are vehicles designed by a car company to showcase what the future will look like for a car. Sometimes it is to show a unique design. Some concept cars move to production, and some never do.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla went ahead and designed a Cybertruck that is quite versatile and has sports car-like performance. You can take the truck and go camping or haul with it. They made the truck have an impenetrable exoskeleton and 14,000 pound towing capacity. Tesla is currently taking orders on the truck.

Ford F150 Lightning

Ford plans to sell this 100% electric truck in 2022. It was a concept vehicle that made its way to production. This truck will change the future of trucks and how people think of them as gas guzzlers. The truck has 300 miles for its range which may keep people from buying the vehicle since who wants to be on the road and stop and charge, especially if you are hauling horses or live animals. Typically if someone is hauling something long-distance with the truck, they need to get somewhere in a normal amount of time without having to wait for a charge. Towing capacity is at 10,000 pounds. However, the truck has both front and back storage space since it doesn’t have the normal engine under the hood. This truck is a great production vehicle that will most likely be pre-sold before it’s on the market.

The Audi A6 e-tron 

Sleek and smart, the Audi A6 e-tron gets more than 400 miles per charge and only takes 25 minutes to recharge most of its battery. The all-wheel-drive vehicle with a sleek look will be very popular in many countries.

Toyota’s bZ5X 

This SUV will contain three rows and look similar to the Highlander crossover. Toyota currently has the  bZ4X, and experts are saying the bz5x would be similar in interior design. This vehicle may be available in 2024.

Lexus EV Supercar

Lexus went ahead and designed a super sports car following their famed LFA, a V-10 supercar that was $350,000. Consumers are hoping the Lexus EV Supercar will be less expensive and not as limited. According to Lexus, the Supercar will go from 0-60 in less than two seconds, and it will use solid-state batteries making the driving range around 430 miles.


BMW XM will be a  performance SUV with a futuristic design. It has a V-8 engine combined with an electric motor making it an extremely powerful SUV. Having a hybrid to many is a great way to use an electric vehicle but have the insurance that you have with a gas-powered vehicle to go further on a trip without plugging in.

Polestar 5

The Polestar 5 is a hatchback luxury vehicle. Guesses include it having a large driving range and an innovative luxury interior. Polestar is aiming at Tesla, Porsche, and Mercedes clients with the design of this concept car.

Chrysler Airflow EV

The Chrysler Airflow EV is said to be produced in 2024 and gives drivers around 440 miles before charging. Chrysler will take on the crossovers with the Airflow EV. The name airflow comes from the original vehicle Chrysler built in 1930, a full-size car with less air resistance. Unfortunately, buyers did not well accept the vehicle due to its appearance and marketing.

Kia Concept EV9

This is a concept electric SUV with 3rd-row capacity. It is very futuristic with no buttons and a feeling like a spaceship. It has a solar panel in the hood, a pop-up steering wheel, and a beautiful electronic screen. The concept SUV design was boxy but luxurious. It is said to have a driving range of about 300 miles. This vehicle is said to hit production in 2024 with a possible all-wheel-drive version.