This Is The REAL Reason You Can’t Focus On Your Work

Everybody does it- we procrastinate on the work we’re “supposed” to get done by scrolling through Instagram or running to the store. These mindless tasks, although fun, get in the way of true productivity. They might seem like harmless errands, but small amounts of wasted time really adds up by the time you have a project due.

Help yourself stay on track by figuring out the root cause of your distractibility. Check out this video to find out why you’re putting off the work you need to finish.

Poor Self-Care

Proper sleep, healthy eating, and regular exercise are all crucial aspects of proper self-care. If you expect your mind and body to perform at tip-top shape, you need to treat it with love and respect. Make new routines in your daily life that let your body know that you appreciate how hard it works when working hard to get things done. 

Disorganized Behavior

Disorganization comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Disorganization can look like leaving dishes out after you’re done with them or having clutter on your floor. It can also be more internal, causing you to forget your commitments and have a poorly planned schedule. Incorporating intentional organization into your daily life might help you to be more proactive in staying on track with your work. 

Unresolved Stressors

You might be too overwhelmed with life to even think about work. Give yourself some space to reflect on what’s going on in your heart and in your mind. You might have a stressor that needs your attention first so that you can lower your anxiety enough to finish your to-do list.

Sometimes procrastination can be healthy, but it is also important to take pride in your work.

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