The First Step To Being A Musician- And A Good One!

being a musician

Have you wanted to be a musician, but getting started seems daunting? Have you wondered what the best way to start is? Music theory is the best way to get good at music, but if it seems too complicated, you are not alone. Playing an instrument is one thing, but being a musician requires constant study and hard work.

Many beginners tend to start memorizing chord shapes and put the theory off for later when it is best to have them go hand in hand. Some people will try to tell you music theory is unnecessary. Still, many music students argue that it is a ‘non-negotiable core of musicianship’ and it is not focused on enough. Like most large tasks, the best way to start is one step at a time. 

3 Main Uses of Music Theory

This video goes over some very important things to keep in mind as you start your first steps to learning music. Theory will help you with whatever musical venture you choose to do. The three ways music theory helps are:

  1. Playing by Ear
  2. Transposing (playing the same thing in any key)
  3. Find Meaning/Understanding (getting excited about what you’re doing)

Knowing what you are doing as you choose songs will fuel you to keep learning until you are good enough to play virtually anything you want. 

Applying Theory to the Song You Choose

Lessons you learn from music theory can apply to any type of music you want to get into. Country, funk, pop- no matter your preference, you can use this video to pick it apart and dissect the sound. With that kind of knowledge, imagine all the songs you’ll be able to play!

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