Tell us Your Favorite Sitcom Character and We’ll Tell You How Open You Are to Messages from the Universe.

We all want to feel like we’re open to signs in the world around us. But are we really ready to receive the messages the universe might be giving us? Whether you feel like your destiny is written in the stars, or you believe we have a little more free will in how things play out, you’ve probably tried to be receptive to the little pushes the universe gives. But if you’re worried you’re not open enough to noticing and accepting the signs you see.

Sometimes we’re not the best judge of how optimistic or pessimistic we are, so we’ve got a little list to try to help you figure out where you fall on the spectrum of openness to the signs all around you. Tell us your favorite sitcom character and we’ll tell you how open you are to messages from the universe.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake Peralta – 73% open to signs from the universe

Jake’s detective style relies on his openness to the world around him, so it makes sense that he would be open to signs from the universe too. Jake is an optimist with a realist streak who knows not to take anything too seriously, which both works for and against him when it comes to interpreting signs from the universe.

The Office – Michael Scott – 88% open to signs from the universe

No one ever accused Michael Scott of being too practical. While Michael definitely has a smart moment or two, he seems to perpetually be led by any and every whim that comes along. This makes him very open to catching the vibes that are moving around him, and to accepting signs from the universe.

Superstore – Amy Sosa – 24% open to signs from the universe

Amy is very no-nonsense and practical, but she does have a whimsical side too. She never lets her head get too far into those Cloud 9 clouds, but she does have dreams and ambitions. And when the universe sends her big signs like tornadoes, she is able to see what it’s trying to tell her. Amy is somewhat open to signs.

The Good Place – Eleanor Shellstrop – 12% open to signs from the universe

Eleanor is one smart cookie, and she definitely is a good detective, so if she notices signs from the universe, she’s good at figuring out what they mean. But, she is not terribly open. She tends to deal very much in reality and struggles with abstract concepts like philosophy. Eleanor is not the most open to signs from the universe.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Will Smith – 34% open to signs from the universe

Will definitely gets how the world works, and that makes for lots of laughs at the crazy rich lifestyle his aunt, uncle, and cousins live, but he’s also a genuine dreamer. Will goes to college and is willing to try lots of different careers, certain that the right path will eventually emerge for him. He’s far from a total pessimist, but he’s not totally open either.

Friends – Phoebe Buffay – 91% open to signs from the universe

Yes, Phoebe definitely believes in karma, and that there are forces at work in the world around us. And she is pretty open to the signs the universe sends her way, but she’s also a very literal person, so she doesn’t always see the signs coming her way, for instance in her romantic life with Mike. So Phoebe is mostly open with a few blindspots.