6 Apps That Will Help Lower Your Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect approximately 40 million adults in the U.S., and is reported to be the most of all mental disorders. In addition to clinical remedies to ease symptoms, there are a variety of grounding techniques that are necessary to incorporate into your lifestyle to soothe anxiety symptoms.

Here are 6 apps that provide additional tools and resources that will help lower your anxiety.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers a variety of guided meditations, some of which are even endorsed by well-loved celebrities. The app provides sleep-inducing recordings so you can rest well at night and perform at your best during the day. Another useful feature is the yoga classes offered by InsightYoga, which help provide a physical release of stress and anxiety.


A frustrating aspect of anxiety is a feeling of stagnancy when you’re struggling with symptoms. It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of emotional highs and depressive lows, but Happify can help you breakout out of that. With grounding tools, emotion logs and analytics, and mental health exercises this app is designed to help you experience less anxiety and more overall happiness.


In order to cope with anxiety, whether it’s circumstantial or clinical, it’s important to have a support system in place. WhatsUp? offers 24/7 contact and resources for those that need mental health support. The app includes a mood rating system, a place to journal your thoughts, and tips for wellbeing. There is also a messaging feature that allows you to anonymously reach out to wellbeing officers that are available to converse and answer questions.

Daily Yoga

Anxiety sometimes needs a physical outlet, and yoga is a great way to relax the body and relieve mental stress. Daily Yoga is a useful tool to incorporate into your daily routine, engaging your body and clearing your mind. With over a hundred yoga and meditation classes offered through the app and personalized data that tracks your progress, Daily Yoga can help you find more inner peace as you take care of your mind and body.

White Noise Generator

Sleep problems are a common symptom of anxiety, resulting in a chronic cycle of restlessness and fatigue. White noise is a helpful tool to foster a relaxing environment at bedtime and allow you to fall into a deeper sleep. White Noise Generator is an app that allows you to mix and customize your favorite sounds so that you can experience restful sleep.


Anxiety often makes you feel out of control, but Brain.fm is a unique app that helps you get back power over your mind. With sounds specifically designed to help your brain’s neurons to engage in coordinated activity, you can transition your desired mood by listening to Brain.fm’s music. Whether you need to sleep, focus, or relax this app has you covered!