Quick Gigs and Side Hustles That Bring in Cold, Hard Cash to Pay for School Survival

Quick Gigs and Side Hustles That Bring in Cold, Hard Cash to Pay for School Survival
Quick Gigs and Side Hustles That Bring in Cold, Hard Cash to Pay for School Survival

Everyone needs money; not everyone has time. These side hustles allow for flexibility while giving you the opportunity to make some guaranteed cash. You don’t need a ton of experience or education for these, either. Skip beyond the Quick Read and find out more about these fast-action opportunities.

Quick Read:
Love animals? Have some spare space? Love driving? Pet sitting, renting space, and ride sharing area great ways for students to earn some cash on a flexible schedule. Best of all, it’s fast and easy to get started right where you are. Here’s how to make it work and bring in the bank.

Need to Earn Some Quick Cash without Scheduling a Huge Chunk of Time? These Side Hustles are For You.

As a busy student, you may find you don’t have a ton of time for regularly set hours at a full or part-time job. That doesn’t mean you can get by without money, though. You may want to instead find a couple of quick side gigs you can use to make quick cash without obligating yourself to an employer or schedule. They’re easy to fit in when you have the time between classes and the extra pocket money will go a long way in ensuring you’re able to afford your books, gas, and food.

Pet Sitting

Don’t have anything to do this weekend? Check out care.com or rover.com and look for people in your area who need pet sitters. Some will ask you to take their pets to your place, some will ask you to simply visit the house once or twice a day, and others will ask you to live-in while they’re gone. There are tons of situations and people to work with. The more you work, the more references you’ll have for future jobs. Figure out your hours of availability and start searching.

Rent Your Spare Space

Renting your spare space isn’t new. This won’t work if you’re living in a dorm, of course; but if you have an apartment or house you could easily earn quite a bit per week by renting out your spare room. This works especially well if you live in or near a large city that hosts a lot of conventions and concerts – people are always looking for lower-cost alternatives to hotel rooms. You don’t even have to rent out a room. Some people make money renting out driveway space for people to park boats, or can even make a few bucks renting backyard space so people can camp out. Be a hospitable host and your good ratings will earn you rental after rental. Check out Airbnb to get started.

Ride Sharing

Ride sharing has become incredibly popular and is an amazing way to earn some extra money based on your own availability. Uber and Lyft are the most popular right now, but you’ll need to make sure they’re permitted in your area. You could make a great deal with weekday availability, or a potential killing if you’re willing to drive on a Friday or Saturday night, when people are more likely to party and not drive. Don’t want to transport people? UberEats will let you pick up food and deliver it to people’s homes instead.

It’s hard to get by when you are on a tight time schedule, but you can definitely find a way to fit in a few hours here or there for some easy, fast work each week. Be creative about scheduling your study time around your classes and there will be plenty left over for a little fun work. If you’ve been hesitating to start learning, now’s your chance to grab up an incredible spot in an online program. Take the opportunity now!