Pisces Horoscope

Feb 23, 2024… You will have a keen eye for fairness today, Pisces. Whether it’s noticing an injustice or something conflicting with your beliefs, your values are center stage. Standing up for what you believe in is downright honorable. Think things through and take action based on what you know is right deep down inside. You can stand tall in your confidence and go through your day with your head held high.

Today’s Inspiration: Kindness is the spring rain that quenches the desert floor. It’s the butterfly that helps to fill the air with the sweet scents of spring, and it’s the summer storm that cools the air and shades the trees. Sometimes, it’s a beacon in the darkness. Even a small gesture can have immense effects on those around you. Kindness is a gift — and it is just as beautiful as the love it is wrapped in. When you give it, you draw more of it into your life, too.