4 Online Degrees for Sensitive People.

Some of us are very sensitive people. Whether you just have a very empathic mindset, or if you’re one of those people who is highly tuned into the thoughts and emotions of those around them, you may have heard people describe you as sensitive. While sensitive people come in many different flavors and varieties, often they can be drained by spending too much time socializing, and often they need time to themselves to recuperate from their time with other people and to recharge their social batteries.

The specific needs of sensitive people means that not every career will work well for them. That’s why it’s important for sensitive people to keep the logistics of their future career in mind when they’re searching for an online degree program to help them pursue their career goals. Try to picture your day-in-day out duties in the fields that your new degree will open up for you, and then attempt to determine if that field is a good fit for a sensitive person like you.

If you’re still not sure which direction to go, we’ve put together a list of online degrees that may be a good idea for you if you are a sensitive person.

1 – Accounting

While accounting is certainly a job with some pressure, it’s also a job with significant amounts of time where you’re on your own just working through paperwork and accounts. If you’re the type of sensitive person who needs regular breaks from socializing, that may be an aspect of an accounting career that would appeal to you. If you’re uncertain how well this would work for you as both an online degree option and a career field, consider a short internship or shadowing an accountant for a day or two to get a better idea of how this would work with your personality type.

2 – Healthcare Administration

If you would like a career where you can work to help people, but also need a bit of a buffer from the most intense patient interactions, a career in healthcare administration may work for you. You’re sensitive, and you want to help, so you can feel fulfilled in that way while still keeping those important boundaries so you’re not overwhelmed by your need to help other people.

3 – Computer Science

Being sensitive can take a lot out of you. For sensitive people, structure and repetitive tasks can be helpful to give your life a sense of balance. That’s where an online degree like computer science can be a great choice for the more sensitive souls. You can structure a career path for yourself where you have some to very little social interaction during the workday so that you can save your social energy for afterwork and your personal life.

4 – Environmental Scientist

Like many sensitive people, you probably feel a need to find a meaningful career. And while you love interacting with people, you need aspects of your job that will give you a break from face-to-face encounters. That’s why environmental science may be the perfect choice for you. It’s an expanding field with many specialties available where you can limit your social interactions.