6 Wellness Apps You Need Now

We have a tendency to assume technology is the enemy of mental health and wellness, but that attitude may be short change some of the most useful tools tech has brought us. Take the humble app, for instance. It’s hard to argue that apps can help improve your life and make it easier. Where would you be without your calendar app, or your weather app, or even Lyft? It’s not much different when it comes to wellness apps, in fact, among smartphone users, 58% have downloaded a health app.

Wellness apps can help you find balance and make wellness a priority in your life as well. The key to using apps to keep yourself centered is, as always, to use them as intended. An app can never be a replacement for an intense personal focus on wellness. With that in mind, take a mindful journey through our list of 6 wellness apps you need now.

1 – My Fitness Pal

It’s important to remember that your mind is part of your body. All wellness flows from one to the other. So that’s a good reason to use a physical fitness app to help begin your wellness app journey. Your focus in using apps like this should not be weight loss body transformation, but rather be on nourishing and caring for your physical self. Stay tuned to the functions that help you track water intake, physical activity, and macro/micronutrients. Your body is your vessel, take care of it!

2 – My Possible Self

This app is designed for those who are actively working on mental wellness issues like anxiety and stress. My Possible Self will help you track your feelings in order to help you analyze and adjust. Highly recommended for those who deal with chronic stress.

3 – Happify

We know, we know, you already play mobile video games to de-stress, but Happify is a little different. The quizzes and activities Happify gives you are tailored specifically to your needs and goals to help you reduce stress and retrain your habits and thinking.

4 – Pacifica

If you’re looking for an all-in-one type of wellness app, few come closer than Pacifica. With a philosophy that encompasses both physical and mental health to promote overall wellness, Pacifica can help with everything from tracking your health habits, to tracking your moods and even help you try to tackle stress and anxiety.

5 – White Noise Lite

Look, everyone from your doctor to your grandma has told you that getting enough sleep is the key to keeping yourself in balance—and they’re right! Sometimes sleep can be difficult to achieve, and that’s where an app like White Noise Lite can really help out. Put on your favorite white noise sounds to help create a brain buffer between you and the real world so you can sail away to the land of nod!

6 – Headspace

We don’t need to tell you how important daily breaks for meditation are in your journey to body-and-mind wellness. That’s where Headspace comes in. Think of this app as an educational tool for meditation. It can help even an absolute beginning start their journey toward incorporating meditation into their daily life with its guided meditation sessions. And it will help people far past the beginner stage as well. It’s also great if you’re having trouble starting a meditation session on your own and need a little help to focus.