10 Satisfying Jobs That Pay Big

Have you ever felt completely burned out in your job and longed for work that didn’t feel like a daily grind? We’ve all been there. Nothing makes the day drag by like being unhappy in your role or place of employment. What if you could flip the script and not only work a job that satisfies you to your very core while also paying you a living wage?

Sounds great, right? Set your sights on one of these oddly satisfying and fulfilling careers to make your future bright. 

#1 Cartographer

Love maps, art, and travel? Consider a career as a cartographer. This job pays $68,380 a year on average, yet it only requires a bachelor’s degree. While it is technically an office job, the position often requires workers to spend much of their time out in the field surveying areas they cover. The ever-shifting change of pace could be perfect for people who prefer varied work settings. 

#2 Physical Therapist Assistant

Many people find it fulfilling to have careers that help other people. Physical therapy assistants help patients recover from accidents or illnesses. The position pays an average of $49,970 annually. You can get started with just an associate degree, but you will need licensing within your state.

#3 Dental Hygienists 

For another health-related career, consider becoming a dental hygienist. It also only requires an associate degree but pays about $77,090 each year. You can work full-time or part-time in this field — some hygienists even choose to work in multiple dental offices for better hours and higher earning potential.

#4 Veterinarian

You’ll need a doctoral degree to be a veterinarian, but don’t let that scare you away. It can be one of the most fulfilling forms of employment for anyone who loves animals and wants to help care for them. According to BLS.gov, you can earn an average of $99,250 annually. Opening your own clinic expands your earning potential significantly. 

#5 Anesthesiologist

It can feel good to be the person responsible for taking away someone’s pain. Getting permission to do that does, of course, mean gaining an extensive education. Still, a career as an anesthesiologist can be incredibly fulfilling.

This position requires a doctorate as well as a four-year residency. It also pays a whopping $124,080 a year on average. 

#6 Occupational Therapist

A career as an occupational therapist can be incredibly rewarding for people who share a passion for helping. If you choose this career path, you’ll be assisting those with injuries and illnesses with everyday activities, all while earning about $86,280 each year. This job requires a master’s degree, but the field is growing much faster than average — and that means your tuition fees won’t go to waste.

#7 Mechanical Engineer

Love all things machine and tinkering? Become a mechanical engineer. This career is a great choice if you have a natural aptitude for mechanical functions. You’ll be designing and building mechanical devices for a cool $90,160 a year, but some people pull in six-figure salaries. This profession, which is currently booming, only requires a bachelor’s degree.

#8 Marketing Manager

Marketing managers often focus on company budgets, promotions, and advertising. Their work can cover public relations, staffing, sales, and product development. A relevant bachelor’s degree could help you score this job, which earns approximately $141,490 each year. With current steady growth in this position, you can become a marketing manager in a wide variety of industries.

#9 Financial Advisor

Are you magic with money, or does it at least seem that way? You could consider a career as a financial advisor. It requires a bachelor’s degree and ongoing on-the-job training to work in this field. You just might find personal fulfillment in helping clients reach their financial goals, whether they’re paying off debts, purchasing homes, starting new businesses, or saving for the future. 

Teaching others about money unironically helps you grow your wealth, too. The average financial advisor earns $89,330 a year. Plus, with the knowledge you’ll need for this job, you’ll know exactly how to manage the money you make doing it.

#10 Orthotists and Prosthetists

Do you think you’d love to help people who are missing limbs walk again? An Orthotist and Prosthetist works with patients to create artificial limbs and other medical devices. How rewarding is that? You will need a master’s degree, but the average $70,190 annually further sweetens the deal.

Before you make the jump, know this: no one is saying you should quit your job today and go out in a blaze of glory. Just be aware that you do have options if you aren’t happy where you are right now. Finding work that’s both financially and personally satisfying can make all the difference. So, find what satisfies you — and chase it down.